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Rio Grande Valley Woodcarvers Competition & Vendor Show
& The Rally-on-the Rio
has been Canceled

The RGVW Carvers show and Rally committee and our Board of directors have decided to Cancel the 2021 Show and Rally.

As we are all too aware, the Covid19 pandemic is creating many concerns for all of us.  Events are being cancelled all across the country. Texas has become a hotspot for new cases and deaths.  Each day seems to bring more bad news.
There are a number of things affecting the success of our two events.    

  1. Hosting such an event this winter that may put our members and the public at risk.  A large number of our participants are older people who are at much greater risk.
  2. We don’t know if enough people willing to travel to Hidalgo County this winter to make it possible to hold a safe and financially sound event.
  3. Half of our instructors have decided not to participate.  This would severely diminish the quality of the event.
  4. Many of the people who have tables at the Show have also canceled.
  5. Our budget is nearly $10,000 to host the two events.  That puts a large dent in our annual club budget.  We can’t host the two events without knowing if we can make enough to cover it?
  6. Remember that a large portion of our Rally income is the raffle.  Fewer instructors will mean fewer students and lower ticket sales

At this time, the RGVW Carvers are planning to continue to hold our Thursday carving sessions beginning on the first Thursday of October.  Masks and social distancing will be mandatory.  If the Hidalgo County Stay in Place order is extended past October 1st, we will not be able to meet until it is lifted. 
We are attempting to work with our remaining instructors to put on classes at the Nomad Shrine Club starting sometime later this fall.  As of now, we have not drafted any kind of a plan for this.  As soon as we can work out details with the instructors and the Shrine club, we will post the on our webpage. 
If we can arrange this, it will take some time to work out the details.  Please be patient with us.

Brenda Lodermeier
Lance Love
Dennis and Pam Horstman
Jess Hansen
Fred and Elaine Stenman
2021 Show/Rally Committee

Remember this cancelation is hard on our instructors also, so take a look at their contact information and websites below and if at all possible, purchase their roughouts, projects, and supplies over the coming months.

The Tool Box ------- For all of your carving needs, we are here locally in the Rio Grande Valley. Tool sharpening is also available. Located in Weslaco. Call or Text 432-553-5996 or Email: carvingtools@icloud.com
Stenman Studios -- Original relief woodcarving projects. Visit stenmanstudios.com or call or text 320-253-2132 or Email: fstenman@msn.com
Wetherbee Art ------ Original caricature carving or clay projects. Visit wetherbeecollectionllc.com or call or text 719-388-3042 or Email: Richwetherbee@yahoo.com

And others.

Above on the right is George Vaughn's
2020 Best of Show and on the left is
Libby Duren's 2020 Best of Novice

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HS Students

HS Students

HS Students

HS Students



For more information contact:

Fred Stenman (320) 253-2132   E-mail: fstenman@msn.com

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