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The location of 2018 RGV Woodcarving Show and the Rally on the Rio have been moved to the Nomad Shrine, at 1044 W. Nolana Loop, in Pharr, TX. The show will be Jan. 12 -13, 2018. The Rally dates are Jan. 15 20, 2018.
Judges are Orlando Villareal and Rich Wetherbee.
We encourage members and non-members to enter carvings in the show. The success of the show is determined by the number of carvings entered.
The biggest reason to enter a carving is to get feedback on your work. The judges will explain to you what you can do to improve your carving, that is the best way to improve your skill level.
The Rally on the Rio has 22 instructors this year. We have some of the top instructors in the country coming to the Rally this year.

RGV Woodcarvers - Home

The Rio Grande Valley Woodcarvers, founded in 1983, meets weekly at 8:00 A.M. on Thursday mornings, October through March, at the Nomad Shrine Club, in Pharr, TX.  They come together to follow a common passion: woodcarving.  There is always another carver available to share ideas and give advice.  Carvers of any skill level are always welcome. Visitors are always welcome to look over a shoulder and ask questions.


      Rio Grande Valley Woodcarving Show and Sale

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Friday and Saturday, January 12 -13, 2018 - New Dates and New Location.  All activies, show and rally will be at the Nomad Shrine Club, in Pharr, TX.  The show features a judged competition, demonstrations and the sale of carving supplies, roughouts, tools, carvings, and many displays. Both members and non-members may enter the competition.

                              The RALLY ON THE RIO
             Class selection and registration
                                    is now open!!

Featuring 6 days of carving classes, January 15 - 20, 2018 (New Dates and New Location.  All activies, show and rally will be at the Nomad Shrine Club, in Pharr, TX.), with well-known instructors. Classes vary in length from one - six days, according to the complexity of the project. Classes begin at 8:00 A.M. and end for the day at 4:30 P.M.


These photo in this panel are from a class that Jim Trumpy organized at the Weslaco Histort Museum in Weslaco, TX. Classes were for High School students. Students received graduation credit in art for taking the class. Gene Vener helped with the program. This was sponsored by the RGVW, who supplied the knives and gloves.

HS Students

HS Students

HS Students



For more information contact:

Fred Stenman (320) 253-2132   E-mail: fstenman@msn.com
Jim Crawford (956) 279-6013   E-mail: whittlinsam@outlook.com

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